Unveiling an Advanced Employee Management System to the Market

Explore how we introduced an innovative HRMS Solution and revolutionized
the market with leading AI and ML capabilities.

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About HROnTips


HROnTips is a proud product of JSimple. It is a complete hire-to-retire HRMS solution, facilitating HR processes from onboarding to offboarding and everything in between. It also comes with a mobile app for easy accessibility.

As experts in the technology and business field, we infused the system with an out-of-the-world smart search technology, easy-to-use features, and powerful AI capabilities.


Being an established company in the IT Solutions space and having catered to many businesses’ innovative needs, we wanted to pursue a project that was close to our hearts.
We have years of experience building HR-Tech products for giants like British Telecoms, Rainn, and Diageo. Plus, our Founder and CEO, Jag, started out his career building and gaining expertise in HR-Technology.
Thus, his passion to revolutionize this industry with a top-of-the-line HRMS product led to the inception of HROnTips.

The Challenge


While there were many HRMS solutions available in the market, the UI and UX were not simple and required plenty of time for training, months for implementing the system, and integration. Additionally, they were not updated to handle work-from-home and hybrid work models.

Hence, we took up the challenge of creating a platform that was easy to navigate, sign up for in seconds, and adapt to different work structures.


Our Idea

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End-to-end HR Automation

Our objective was to create an AI-powered web platform and mobile application with different modules to automate every HR process during the complete employee lifecycle.

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Maximum Tasks Efficiency

Simplicity being our core vision, we also wanted to ensure the system was easy to use and control for the users. We also aspired to automate and simplify all repetitive HR tasks to just a few clicks.

Project Execution


To solve the challenge of user-friendliness and system comprehensiveness, we conceptualized both our web-based system and mobile application with the best design and backend functionalities. Aiming for simplicity in task completion, we built a state-of-the-art search feature that could fetch any information or generate reports in seconds.

Designing & Prototyping

For a frictionless collaboration between managers, employees, and the admin, we worked extensively on the user experience for each of these roles. Our design teams kept the dashboard modern and simple, while strictly adhering to our branding guides to maintain consistency across.


A location tracking system with geofencing was built to facilitate easy clock-in and out. Camera-enabled attendance was introduced for work-from-home and hybrid models. A one-time setup payroll management system was created to generate payroll with a click. We also ensured flexibility for ease in integration with biometric devices and other systems. A comprehensive application tracking system was created to streamline everything from job posting to sending offer letters. Multiple user roles were configured for security and system relevancy. Utilizing advanced Microsoft technologies, we were able to achieve a system load time of less than 1 second. As a result, we achieved a high-performing web and mobile application.


Our development team performed multiple rounds of testing in close collaboration with BAs and QA Experts for a faster and more streamlined optimization process. This helped us enhance our usability and functionalities and create a powerful and interactive model.

Delivery & Results

The result was a centralized AI-HR Management system with Machine Learning (ML) capabilities and a supportive mobile application that streamlined every HR process in the simplest way. The system kept learning as we added more and more data, which drastically transformed our HR data analytics process.

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The Launch

HROnTips was launched into the market in 2020 and gained momentum in early 2021. We continue to transform many businesses' HR processes, including our own, using this remarkable product.

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